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Amsterdam Lunch

The Instruction of Being the Other

In this project, Chen Jhen intends to explore the idea of herself as the other in The Netherlands and how she investigates the local culture by reflecting on her own common sense and behaviors.

Jhen Chen is a designer and visual artist based in Taiwan and The Netherlands. In recent years, she has focused on using books and multimedia as a practical tool for expressing ideas. Jhen’s research themes center on the identity of individuals or communities in contemporary contexts. Her methods include collecting historical objects, interviewing locals, exploring bodily sensation, and using reenactment to interpret the changing of “locality” in the global context from an individual perspective.



Publication / RISO print on semi-transparent paper / 120 x 190 x 8 mm / edition of 100

Price 35,00 €

This book was created in Amsterdam, where Jhen worked at a design studio in early 2017 and felt like an outsider of European culture because of her inability to identify the food on the table during lunchtime. In a desperate desire to become part of the group, she tried to imitate what the other people did by secretly taking notes of the actions of colleagues sitting in front of her, such as with how many fingers they picked up one slice of bread, how they spread sauce on the bread, etc. Together with the performer Wu Che Shen, they adapted the notes into a performance script; she watched how he reenacted it and gave immediate guidance and correction. This book is the documental form of the performance.



a letter in your mailbox

Price 5,00 €

This project was initiated in 2018 as a continuation of the "Amsterdam Lunch" project. This time, Jhen went to the supermarket every evening and loaded her shopping trolley with the same goods, in the same quantities, as those purchased by the person who entered after her. Jhen regarded this activity as a form of hunting. On returning home, she would use the foodstuffs to prepare her own meals, sometimes arbitrarily and sometimes following recipes based on the purchased ingredients.

Jhen would like to extend her hunting field to the internet by inviting you to send her your shopping list, and she will return you a letter in 2 weeks in your mailbox which includes a recipe and the reason why she would cook like this. Your participation might be part of the future publication "Maastricht Dinner."

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