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Shed No Tears: Fight or Flight x Distant Observations

In solidarity against Asian hate.

The project presented is a collaboration between The Asian Union and Pam Virada that has grown out from the aftermath of the pandemic. With the repercussions of Asian discrimination that many had and is experiencing, the artists would like to gather attention towards the voices and perception of the students within the union, that manifested itself into physicality.

For the NON NATIVE NATIVE FAIR, The Asian Union is launching their first collection of merchandise, made together with Baby Reni, in order to expand the field of solidarity beyond the Gerrit Rietveld Academie and Sandberg Instituut. Through the support gained from the sales of their merchandise, they are hoping to engage further with the broader public and also to sustain the activities of The Asian Union. All supporters will receive the newsletter of future activities.


Enter PROMO CODE with your order to receive a surprise spiritual comfort souvenir from The Asian Union.


If you are living in Amsterdam or nearby city, please come for self-pickup service on the 5th of July between 12:00-16:00 at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie & Sandberg Instituut (Fred. Roeskestraat 96, 1076 ED Amsterdam). Once you have indicated that you are available for self-pickup, we will send you an email with further details.

For post, please bear in mind that there will be no tracking service. The item will be delivered within 7-10 days from the date of purchase.

Manifested in 2018, The Asian Union was born in search of broadening the boundaries of limitation that derive from the misconceptions of Asian cultures within the Gerrit Rietveld Academie and Sandberg Instituut. Currently, they are generating and expanding the field of solidarity for all Asian (art) students and artists.

Pam Virada is a Thai artist currently studying at Sandberg Instituut and is part of The Asian Union. She is interested in the notions that lie between the realms of architectural space, memory, and mnemonic devices. Drawn into the creations of oxymorons, her practice explores the concepts of the personal and collective memory, colliding subjective realms with physical spaces, the circumstances in-between 'placement' and 'displacement,' fact and fiction. Often, she utilises mixed media installation, moving images, and photography as her medium.



crewneck / 85% cotton, 15% polyester / approx. 65x55 cm / 2021 / edition of 15

Price 49,99 €

The Asian Union 2021 Merchandise: 1. Crewneck

Perfect after the sunset during the summer ?, daily wear for autumn and spring, under the coat during the winter. ?❄️?⛈

Digital Print with sublimation on cotton/polyster

Design by Irene Ha, a.k.a. Baby Reni, and Sankrit Kulmanochawong

Coordination Juni Mun

Made in Portugal, Hand printed in NL



gym bag / polyester / 45x34 cm / 2021 / edition of 50

Price 14,99 €

The Asian Union 2021 Merchandise: 2. Gym Bag

Ready to hop on your bike and roam the streets? ?‍♂️ Grab your essentials and bottle of icy white wine and shove it all into your gym bag. Perfect for sunny bike rides and also great for light drizzles as the bag is also semi water-proof. ????

Digital Print with sublimation on polyester
Design by Irene Ha, a.k.a. Baby Reni, and Sankrit Kulmanochawong
Coordination by Juni Mun
Hand printed in Amsterdam, NL



Publication / 2021 / pre-order edition of 10

Price 15 €

The series reveals scenes from three different places representing a form of displacement; a Chinese garden in a European city, a zoo on an island, and the woods on the outskirts of town. Though different in localities, the connection of these places is drawn through the poetics of their topography. The collection of images surveys the state of othering and being othered, of alienating and being alienated. By stepping into these estranged environments, the image producer notices how her perception is interrelated and affected by her own identity. As an "alien" living in a foreign country herself, the circumstances of being differentiated propelled her to seek a place of mental refuge. These clusters of displaced spaces represent demarcated havens, where borders of realities were drawn drastically, creating bubbles of parallel universes.