Ying Yi Wu



Be my Guest

Have you ever heard of the traditional Chinese tea ceremony? Emerged during the Tang Dynasty, tea culture is an integral part of the precious traditional Chinese culture. It’s a ritual with full pleasure to all the senses. Come taste the authentic flower tea that grows from the secret land in China and take an inner massage for your body and mind!
In order to cover the production costs of her project Living Together Apart, Ying Yi Wu will host one-to-one traditional Chinese tea ceremonie sessions. Living Together Apart is her upcoming artistic research project that sheds light on (young) adults who recognised themselves with ‘bicultural identities’ in a broad sense. She felt the urgency to research the societal subjects around ‘migration’ and ‘cultural identities’. She was born during the autumn in a small city in China, and in 2016, she came to the Netherlands to study art. After a few years of living and integrating into the local culture and language, she has adopted part of the Dutch culture in her cultural identities. To give one simple example: She becomes more direct than ever before.

RESERVE HERE: https://yingyi.art/agenda/be-my-guest

Ying Yi Wu is a visual artist, experience designer, and storyteller with an appropriate dose of humor. With a social and cultural-orientated mindset, she creates works/worlds in the field of visual art and performance art. By taking on an unconventional perspective of healing rituals, she creates visual as well as sensory languages and cultures by playing with the botanical materials that nature provides. She connects her creative practices with the social dimension of public well-being and collective healing. Ying Yi Wu holds an MA in Fine Art and Design - Scenography from HKU University of the Arts (2018).