Jale Sezgin




Don’t try to stand out, belong YOOXIO is a concept established in 2023.

The store unapologetically serves you contemporary trends to cater to your aesthetic obsessions.

You’ve seen it again and again, now touch it, feel it, taste it, play.

Let it lure you in with its tentacles.

Does it tickle you?

Jale Sezgin is a Turkish/Danish artist and designer based in Amsterdam. Her practice revolves around social experimentation and performance art, where questions appear such as: what are the blind sides of our society in relation to infrastructure?
Is there any genuineness left, or is everything just
imitated trends?
Her strain of thought behind working with social contemporary issues happens by creating interactive works that relate to the fact of plucking out the micro within the macro in order to see our society from a distance.