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T0ble of Neo Amsterdammer

T0ble of Neo Amsterdammer
A public sphere may be understood as physical and virtual spaces where citizens converse their views on the true, the good, and the beautiful. T0ble of Neo Amsterdammer, analogous to the public sphere, links dialogues and connects entrepreneurs through creative dining experiences. The T0ble is a cluster consisting of interrelated moving forms of objects, experiences, and events, with themes tied to the Sustainable Development Goals outlined by the United Nations. In the T0ble, the arts and creative components assemble our narratives and inspirations.

We are delighted to present the promotional experience of T0ble of Re: Nature at the NNN Fair 2023.

T0ble Re: Nature - an artistic imagination of rebuilding an agricultural system in the post-apocalyptic world as a consequence of climate change.
Inspired by the Ancient Chinese mythologic Classic of Mountains and Seas, Chapter "Yi Shot Down the Suns," T0ble of Re: Nature recontextualizes the classic within our contemporary and planetary environmental changes. By providing a sensual food experience situated in our installation, we invite the audience to re-think human behaviors’ impact on the environment and to re-imagine a novel relationality with nature alternative to the current.

On T0ble Re: Nature in NNN Fair, it will present two courses with an experience that lasts 10 to 15 mins.
Promotional experience: 18 €

T0ble is a program initiated by Neo Amsterdammer – a platform to empower cultural and impact entrepreneurs by providing video marketing strategy, creative production, and network event. T0ble Re: Nature is co-curated with Yang Wang, Yu-hsin Chang and Yuxin Wang.

Yang Wang (China) is the founder of Neo Amsterdammer. Yang has a great passion for the empirical practice and theoretical understanding of cultural entrepreneurship, in which she can help translate intangible value into exchangeable goods and manage the tensions between commercial and social and cultural values. Yang has an international background (CN/NL/FR) and achieved multidisciplinary educational degrees in business, creativity and cultural sociology. She has worked in art galleries, creative agencies, and cultural enterprises with extensive collaboration experience with international artists and designers.

Yu-hsin Chang (Taiwan) is a spatial and visual designer. She has founded a multi-disciplinary practice [The In Between], which bridges the gap between visual identity and spaces of different scales and aspects. She has collaborated with various design studios and exhibition architects' firms for cultural and private spaces internationally. By looking deeply into the things people take for granted, she hopes to create new patterns that intrigue people to look closer into cultural topics. She is also part of the cultural organization Stichting Limestone Books, which focuses on curating an art book archive that promotes non-Western-centric perspectives and amplifies underrepresented voices.

Yuxin Wang (China) has a broad creative exploration of multimedia narratives across food design, speculative design, and visual art. Her works often discuss the boundary between nature and unnatural in ethics. Through designing the visual and sensual experience in ethical topics, Yuxin aims to trigger philosophical thinking about the relationship between humans and nature,and build a field with design practice to stimulate dialogue.

Special thanks to:
Sheila Guo, photography
Xudong Yang, academic research support