Lin Chun Yao



Last Chance : Owning a Piece of Land

In our generation, property now is hard to own, especially which is already being used as a power symbolic. How to escape from the landscape aesthetics which Westerners controlled and defined?

Last Chance to own a piece of land! No matter how much you earn, or how hard you are to find land for dwelling,

The workshop is for people's eyes relief from the emptiness, and at least own something for themselves as a key to open the space, and walk out from the fair to see what we can own visually in the developed city scene.


Lin Chun Yao is a visual artist from Taiwan who landed in Utrecht, the Netherlands in 2020.

Formerly lens-based, at present land-based, he works with moving images and re-builds narratives to rethink how human eyes might see through the flattened image of the landscape that arose in the post-industrial era, and how can we unpack the definition of landscape and restart our imagination on it.