bad boring bad booth

A name is a powerful thing. We worry about how to name things, be it our own projects, a plant, a pet, some object dear to us, or even a child. A name attracts attention from people and spirits, makes something real, open for others' energies. Because of this, we tend not to share names too early, or even avoid naming things to keep them safe.

There is a seemingly ancient tradition still alive in Central and North Asia, that can help you deal with that. To confuse spirits and bad energies, you name things with bad names. Or dog names (dogs are cute, and bad spirits don't like them). Such a name will take all the bad for itself, keeping the person/thing safe. Come to the "bad bad boring booth" to get a personalized bad name for your needs, read/get a publication about the tradition, or just see some cute dogs and wolves 🐶🐺

yourfriendkas is a Kazakhstani artist based in Amsterdam, involved in practices related to (in no order) open/communal space, knowledge in shared and
decentralized contexts, trans-local solidarity, and the connection of resistance to cultural work.

Their work takes on the forms of audio+-visual experiences, writing and performance, community building, and various reproductive/supportive involvements. It (co)examines surroundings through fuzzy boundaries; "both/and also" instead of "either/or"; seeing non-linear/non-binary / plural, and the necessity to operate from questions and possibilities instead of answers.