Shannon Liang



Touching Feeling

I will be offering I Ching card readings, continuing my research into the sense of touch, and its relationship to intuition and spiritualism in Eastern holistic medicine traditions. These readings are similar to tarot readings, but using a set of cards derived from the Taoist I Ching divinatory system. Ask a question, I will feel the cards and pull some for you, and we will collaboratively interpret them, to make meaning and create an intuitive reading together. 

Book your slot here: https://calendly.com/shannonliang/nnnfair



Shannon Liang is an artist living in Rotterdam, whose work arises from a process of daily documentation and self-archiving. Shannon’s practice spans writing, video installation, performance, and drawing. Recent research explores synchronicity and permeability across chemical, emotional, generational, and spiritual distances. Born in Baltimore and previously NY-based, she is a recent graduate of the Piet Zwart Institute: Lens-Based Media MFA program in Rotterdam.