Limestone Books



Limestone Books

Limestone Books will be showing the book collections in our store which are accumulated through collaboration with artists from non-western perspectives.

Limestone Books is a curatorial platform in Maastricht focused on art publishing within the context of contemporary art. It was founded by the multidisciplinary collective of Jhen Chen (designer), Liang-Kai Yu (gender studies researcher), Emily Shin-Jie Lee (researcher and programmer), HSIEH I Hsuan (film curator), and Chang Yu-Hsin (interior space designer), with aims to engage the public through exhibitions, talks, screenings, and participatory events. Situated on the main street of Grote Gracht, the space showcases collections that promote non-western-centric perspectives and underrepresented voices.

The name "Limestone Books" serves as a metaphor for the accumulation of knowledge found within the pages of books. Just as the limestone beneath Maastricht formed through the gradual accumulation of sediment over time, collections in our store are created through artist collaboration. This emphasis on collective practices posits Limestone Books as a crucial establishment in fostering cross-cultural dialogues between international artists and the local art scene.