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A Storytelling Food Tour In Your Neighbourhood

Foreign Body, Foreign Story, Foreign Place

Food plays a role in shaping the sense of belonging. For a migrant, eating food from home is more than filling up the stomach, but also, through eating together, a community can be formed within which people have a shared memory and experience. It seems like ""consuming home food"" might separate the migrant community from the local community, but in YiLing’s view, it's actually not. Through making the home food in the host country, a migrant will become familiar with the local supermarkets or grocery stores since not all the proper ingredients can be found in the foreign grocery stores. A migrant learns the new environment and the new environment also shapes this person's behaviours at the same time. In this ongoing cycle of familiarising and being shaped, a migrant slowly dwells into this new place. 
This project is a one-on-one tour which will take place in your neighbourhood. While walking through different grocery stores to find ingredients to make Taiwanese dishes, artist YiLing will share her personal stories linked to those dishes. 

Select the dishes that you would like to hear more of the stories behind, and YiLing will customise a unique storytelling food tour for you.

Minimum order: 2 stories


Enter PROMO CODE with your order to receive an extra tour with a short personal story about "one specific drink".


Foreign Story

Painting / Oil on canvas with frame / 43 x 33 cm / 2020



A personal story of 20 minutes

Price 10,00 €

1. Lǔ-Ròu (Stewed Pork Belly in Soy Sauce) - I still vividly remember the smell in my mother's kitchen when she was making this dish. It's a mixture of star anise, soy sauce, brown sugar and the grilled pork belly. I always couldn't resist ... ... ...

2. Xián-Zhōu (Salty Rice Porridge) - When I was a Bachelor student, often we had to work till very late at the studio. Salty rice porridge was the best choice for night food as this dish is generally warm, healthy and not so heavy. Around my university there was a 24/7 food place selling only rice porridge, ... ... ... 

3. Zhēng-Bái-Chāng-Yú (Steam Silver Pomfret Fish) - Sitting with other 10 strangers around a big round table, as a kid I was always feeling uneasy to join my parents to this kind of social occasion - a wedding lunch ... ... ...