NNN 25


It’s a Day to Wear your Heart on your Sleeve

Combining language with fashion, exploring the boundaries within accessories

With a mutual love for fashion and design it was only natural that a collaborative kinship arose between Kabo and Zinmong.
They started speaking about the interesting phenomenon of accessories. Across different cultures and different eras, the accessory has different meanings and purposes. Whether it’s used as a status symbol or a small memorial amulet, it always carried meaning. This meaning changed over time as society saw huge reformations, whether it’s the enlightenment that propelled scientific proliferation or whether it’s key events such as the French Revolution, the Industrial Revolution or the emergence of a middle-class and therefore a consumerist society. These big changes also follow and carry over into today’s world. The purpose and meaning of the accessory doesn’t merely show off socio-economic status or isn’t only made of rare metals and gems anymore. People express achievements, political views and protest slogans. People reject the status quo and fight for the environment. Lastly, what spoke most to the designers was what the youth had to say. Growing up with social media at your fingertips, we could argue that the way you present yourself online and offline is also an accessory. It’s a day to wear our heart on our sleeve.


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Zinmong Tang is a designer based in The Hague. He is currently doing his BA in Graphic Design in The Royal Academy (KABK) in The Hague.
Zinmong approaches design through different media. Mediums of interest include typography, book design, textile, illustration and audio-visuals. Recently, he has been exploring studio photography and 3D-software more. He often explores the topics of identity, queerness, culture, visual systems and composition.

Kabo Lee is a designer and artist based in Amsterdam. In 2019 she graduated from the University of the Arts Utrecht with a BA in Graphic Design. With a multidisciplinary approach and wide-ranging medium she translates research into visual concepts.
Kabo is especially interested in meaningful and thoughtful design that engages and influences. She is constantly looking for new ways to reach people with design, often resulting in mixed media outcomes. Her other interests include human behaviour, Chinese culture, literature and religiosity.



Fan / plexiglass, metal / 16x24 cm / 2021 / edition of 1

Price 60 €

Fan with typography