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Handmade talismans from Central Asia

Tumars are handmade talismans from Central Asia that usually have a Quran verse sealed inside them. They are given for protection as a talisman and can be worn as a necklace or stored in your house. 
To Haider, tumars are one of the manifestations of the rich and complex history of Central Asia and Kazakh people among them, a blend of Muslim, Turkic, Scythian, Mongolian, and Persian arts and crafts. In Scythian art, one might notice the traces of the earliest playful designs with geometrical patterns, the mathematics of graphic design that was applied onto metal, weaved fabric, and leather. 
Mainstream conservatives in Kazakhstan consider tumars a 'pagan, blasphemous' creation. Others think that tumars are not part of Kazakh Islam, but belong to Tengrianism (a Turkic pagan religion). According to Haider, current Kazakh artistry and faith can combine both - after all, everyone has their own locally adapted methods of connecting to earth and expressing themselves. At the same time, he sees it as a deeper question of whether the sacred text can be 'reproduced' and commodified. To him, the materiality of art is absolutely the manifestation of the spiritual, and not in opposition to, or inferior to it.


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Haider Mukhit is a digital designer and writer from Kazakhstan, who currently lives and works in The Hague.



Necklace / Genuine black leather / Genuine leather string (length 65 cm), pouch dimensions 6x4x4 cm / 2021 / edition of 4

Price 35 €

These tumars are made in the recognisable 'traditional' format and sizing. The triangular shape conceals a handwritten Quranic verse. The hand stitched leather pouch has minimalist design (but can come with engraved patterns as well) - just like how Haider’s grandma made it. 
Two pouches have yellow edge paint coated borders, and the other two have natural burnished edges.